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Ethical and Sustainable seem to have become buzz words in recent years - which shows progress in our care for our environment. Unfortunately, the bridal industry is by nature not overly sustainable, as traditionally outfits are only worn once. However, we have purposely curated pieces from that are intended to be worn and used again. We have also chosen natural fabrics where possible, as we know that most of our customers genuinely want to make more conscious choices when it comes to their wedding and fashion choices. Whilst all our pieces are ethically made, we are working towards improving our sustainability in 2020 by being more selective and eco-friendly with the fabrics we stock and working more closely with brands who are able to trace the origins of every element used in their product.

​We are dedicated to showing diversity on our website, in our work and social media channels. We believe in equal opportunities and an inclusive environment regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

We are dedicated to sharing more work from minority backgrounds that have been under-represented in the bridal world including Indigenous artists and designers and have an Australian Indigenous owned Skincare label amongst our curated brands.

Our Community :

We have donated 10% of all shop sales in January and February to Wildlife Rescue South Coast.



Here are some facts about our online shop:

- 100% of our items are ethically made. The vast majority of our pieces are handmade in Australia by the designer/s themselves.

- All items are made in small quantities - meaning our labels won't end up in landfill due to excess production.

- The origin of all our pieces is disclosed - all but one of our designers are manufactured in Australia.

- We prefer selling products with natural fibres rather than synthetic ones - and are working to improve this even further in 2020.

- We use environmentally friendly, compostable shipping bags and don't use plastic in our packaging.

- We exclusively stock brands that are in line with our ethics.

We pledge to continue to improve our practises, and genuinely believe in promoting a more conscious future and industry on the whole. We are also working to include Indigenous owned businesses to our online boutique in 2020. If there are any suggestions you have for us to improve our practises, we would love to hear from you.

Some things to consider :


As none of the brands we stock are mass-produced, there may be times when there is a lead time to get your purchased item. We will however do our best to keep your favourites in stock.

We have carefully selected pieces that can be worn and used again, well after your wedding day (veils aside). We want you to be able to enjoy these pieces for longer than just one day and urge you to use them again and again.

The Anti-Bride acknowledges the Dharawal speaking people who are the Traditional Custodians of the land of where our office is based. We pay respect to the Elders past and present of the Dharawal nation and extend that respect to other Aboriginal people visiting this site.

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