Bush Mint and Cucumber Soap

This Bush Mint and Cucumber Soap is made by Jaddarnje, whose love of the land and attachment to the Australian Bush stems from being part of the Bundjalung tribe of Northern New South Wales. All products are made in Australia.


The star ingredients of aromatic Bush Mint and cooling Cucumber make this soap a must for problematic and sensitive skins. Soothing and nurturing, it gently cleanses the skin of impurities by unclogging pores, removing excess oils and enlivening dull skin. With scents of mint, cucumber, frankincense and grapefruit it is fresh and energising. A lovely morning soap. 


Ingredients :


- Grapefruit Essential Oil is purifying and an excellent cleanser. 

 - Frankincense Essential Oil is known to assist cell rejuvenation and supports youthful and healthy skin. 

- Cucumber Juice is known to sooths skin irritations and is an effective moisturiser. 


This soap bar, when cut for packaging, is approx. 100gms.


Detailed Ingredient List :

Coconut Oil - Palm Oil (sustainable plantation) - Olive Oil - Water - Sodium Hydroxide - Bush Mint Tea - Rice Bran Oil - Almond Oil - Macadamia Nut Oil - Coconut Milk - Beeswax - Castor Oil - Cucumber Juice - Cocoa Butter - Shea Nut Butter - Spearmint Essential Oil - Peppermint Gum Essential Oil - Grapefruit Essential Oil - Lime Essential Oil - Clove Bud Essential Oil - Rosemary Essential Oil - Frankincense Essential Oil - Cane Sugar and Green Oxide colour. *Warning: This soap contains nut and bee products.


How to use :

Use water to rub soap with either a cloth, loofah pad or wet hands to create lather. Apply to face, body and other areas, with hand or cloth or loofah pad taking care to avoid eyes.

Bush Mint and Cucumber Soap