Bride Kit

This Emergency Wedding Kit is by Frieda Need. Made in Melbourne using local and imported ingredients it consists of thoughtfully curated essentials that make the perfect bridal kit. This bride kit is thoughtfully organised and an emergency bride kit makes an excellent gift. The emergency kit contains 20 items.


This kit is such a beautiful gift idea for a friend that is eloping or having a micro-wedding - particulary if you can't be there on the day.

Alternatively it makes a great purchase for your own wedding. As even with the best plans in place, small emergency moments are bound to happen on your wedding day: blisters from new heels, a makeup stain on your dress or a sneaky headache. [Need] SIMPLE BRIDE KIT captures the 20 basic essentials in a simple sachet for the 'just in case' moments on your wedding day.


A perfect gift for the non-traditional wedding, an obsessively organised bride, a destination wedding and/or for the folks that just want their nuptials to be a party.

Gathered and curated in Melbourne by organised people for you. Put your feet up.


The simple sachet contains 20 essential items: 

- Adhesive bandages

- bobby pins

- comb

- cotton buds

- dental floss

- deodorant towelette

- hairbands

- hairspray

- mints

- mirror

- needle & thread

- pain reliever

- safety pins

- scissors

- stain remover

- tampon

- tissues

- toothbrush

- toothpaste

- tweezer


Note :

- If item is sold out you can pre order for delivery in 2 weeks, or contact us for further info. 

Bride Kit