The New World.

There is no denying this year has been a rocky start for many Australians and of course the rest of the world. Times are uncertain. Whether you are concerned about your health, loved ones overseas, the huge economical impact, being in lockdown or all of the above - it is hard to imagine adding something like having your wedding in the next few months to the mix. Most weddings will have been postponed, with brand new restrictions in Australia now limiting weddings to 5 people (you can have your photographer as your witness though!).

Of course the changes will last a little bit longer than physical distancing and it is very likely that weddings in the future will look a little different to what they did even three weeks ago. But please take heart in the fact that smaller, more intimate weddings or a dress that is a little more affordable won't impact the magical day you will have. (Added bonus - everyone will be SO ready to party!)

So how do you continue to plan a wedding in the current environment? If you are in a financial position to pay your deposit or pay off your vendors, please do so. Most freelancers and self-employed are looking at the reality of no work for the next six months or more and would absolutely love your support during these times.

If your financial position has changed, like so many - please rest assured that vendors will work with you and your new budget, and that there are always solutions. Above all, this too will pass!

At The Anti-Bride, we are working to adjust to this new world. Our online shop remains open and we are adding some products with well-being in mind. We understand that non-essentials will most likely not be on the top of your priority list, but thank each and one of you for your ongoing support and we hope you will embrace the changes we will make to our shop in coming days and weeks.

We can still do online/virtual styling consultations with brides, as we have done in the past. Of course we understand if you are unable to focus on wedding planning during these times. However, if you do have a question please get in touch via email or our website.

Designers - sadly, we are limited to flay-lays and working without a model at the moment, but please get in touch if you would like us to put together something for your jewelry, shoes, accessories or dresses. It is important to keep going - and to keep being creative. Times are challenging but there is always a plan b (or c!) and we are more than happy to work with a limited budget.

Photographers - please continue to submit your weddings so we can support your work. We accept submissions from all over the world and want to continue to share the message of love and support.

We hope you understand that we will continue our Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, as we always have been. We appreciate that this can seem silly, especially when there are far greater things happening in the world. But we believe in sharing images of love and sometimes a little bit of dreaming isn't too bad either!

Image by Matt Godkin

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