The Devil Is In The Detail.

Pearl bag from the label Rosantica makes the perfect accessory for the modern bride.

While the wedding dress outfit can seem like the biggest wedding planning decision, it's important not to oversee the smaller details in tying your entire look together. Accessories may seem like a simple decision, can often be what brides (and grooms!) find most challenging about planning their outfit.

It is important to remember that often the smaller details can make a huge impact in the overall mood and impact of your outfit. In fact, adding a few well thought-out accessories can have the potential to elevate your outfit on even a limited budget.

While we offer a really affordable accessories styling package to brides and grooms, here are a few simple tips to get your started :

+ Consider the overall feel and mood of your wedding. It is important to consider the entire picture when making decisions about the finer details.

+ Don't overdo it. Yes, accessories are fun but select one of two hero pieces and work from there. For some brides the hero may be the dress/jumpsuit/suit, for others an ornate veil or a pair of killer heels. Not every accessory needs to be the star.

+ Don't narrow your decisions to bridal brands only. Thankfully there are some incredibly modern bridal accessories brands out there, however it's perfectly okay to widen your search to other labels that your normally love and will want to wear again.

+ Think beyond the nude block heel. Yes, they are popular and practical - however, you may also find a stiletto with a wider heel that works or mules, boots, flats etc. Also, don't limit yourself to white or nude when it comes to your wedding shoes. (Some of the best wedding shoes I have seen have been anything but white or nude!)

+ Don't forget to shop during sale times, especially if you have your eye on something that is just outside of your budget. You won't need your shoes until you start your alterations around 4-6 weeks before your wedding, so take your time!