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PHOTOGRAPHER | Parker's Pictures

New York based Parker Selman of Parker’s Pictures specialises in capturing the essence of weddings, engagements, elopements, and events through the lens of 35mm and 120mm film. She focuses on the authentic, in-between moments and strives to create a story that truly reflects the atmosphere, emotions, and individuality of each event. Parker’s Pictures ethos is based around generating timeless, genuine, narrative-based images. 

What would you like couples to know about you?

It is important to me that my couples feel natural on their wedding day. I never give couples prompts or specific poses, instead I encourage them to interact in a way that feels genuine which leads to images that resonate and reflect their relationship. The couples I work with place a huge emphasis on being present throughout their day and my number one goal is to create that trust so that they can relax and truly enjoy the festivities. 


Where are you based?

I am based in New York City and spend a few months a year in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Do you travel for weddings?

Absolutely! Traveling for work is something that I find extremely inspiring and I am excited to tackle Sonoma, Tuscany, Copenhagen, and Palm Springs as new destinations in 2024.

How would you describe your style?

Editorial authenticity with a grainy, timeless flair. 

What is your most memorable career moment?

Going full time with my business was an extremely surreal moment for me. Having the opportunity to capture love stories for a living is a “pinch-me” moment daily. 


What inspires you?

First and foremost, I am moved by love stories. I have always been an enormous romantic and never get tired of witnessing the passion of a wedding day. I am further inspired by silhouettes and shadows, reflections and mirrors, window panes and door frames, genuine laughter and clandestine glances, 1950’s black and white photography, the ritual of preparing for an event, authentic interactions between family and friends, and raucous dance floors to end the evening. 

What motivates you to do what you do?

I am motivated by a deep love for film photography and storytelling. The artistry of film fuels my creativity and love for the craft. I am also extremely motivated by a desire to capture significant events in a way that feels genuine and organic. 

How would you describe your working style?

I am a very outgoing person and I love connecting with my couples and making them feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. I want to encapsulate how it feels to be present on a wedding day and provide the perspective of a guest. 

Do you shoot digitally, on film or both?

I shoot almost entirely on film and typically am switching between 7 or 8 cameras on a wedding day. I always bring at least one digital camera to weddings and often will have a digitally focused second shooter but my approach is built around a deep love and appreciation for film photography and a quality over quantity approach. 

Do you have custom packages according to individual needs?

I view weddings as an extremely collaborative experience and all of my packages have room to be customized. One of my favorite parts of the pre-wedding process is working with couples to decide which of my cameras create images that resonate, and which film stocks stand out to them. 

What is a favourite product or service that you offer and why?

Film has a quick turn-around time and I am able to provide all my couples with ~150 images within one week, which allows them to quickly reminisce on the highlights of their day. 

Where would you love to travel to for work?

My parents live in Idaho and it is my favorite place to visit in the US, so I hope to shoot a wedding in Sun Valley someday, as I will always have a soft spot for my home. Beyond that, travel is a tremendous part of my personal life and I am incredibly inspired by visiting new places and countries. There are truly too many dream destinations to name. To choose just one, I majored in Spanish undergrad - so any opportunity to practice and hone my language skills is something I look forward to. I lived in Madrid for a year and would be incredibly honored to shoot a wedding there someday

Who is your dream client?

A couple with a unique vision, a true connection, a strong sense of personal style and an appreciation for film. 

What is your advice to couples getting married?

Infuse as much of yourself, your passions and your love story into your wedding day and the event will be a memorable and personal one. Also find vendors you trust wholeheartedly, so that you have the capacity to truly celebrate your day.


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