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When Emily Klarer was at school she always had film cameras with her. The ceiling of her bedroom was a tight knit collage of photos and tape. "I have always loved documenting my life and the people that I love, it has been something that has come very naturally to me and something I cannot imagine not doing. The more of life I get to experience the more I fully appreciate how these moments and experiences that make up the story of our lives, the ones that are so incredibly precious to us, they are fleeting and ephemeral. If we don't pause and capture a few snapshots to remember, then I think we risk forgetting that feeling. I am motivated by the desire to capture photographs that make you feel. It is so simple but endlessly meaningful to me"

Based in the wild desert southwest town of Moab, Utah, Emily Klarer is a genuine and soulful photographer who has been capturing weddings since 2014. She believes that photography is a collaboration between photographer and client and gives a part of herself in all her work."I love having the opportunity to tell the story of a couple's wedding celebration from the time their guests arrive to the very end of their gathering. I talk a lot about connection in my work so getting the chance to spend a few days with a couple and the people they love the most allows me to connect and create with them in such a special and meaningful way."

Emily's dream client is anyone who lets their own personal style and personality guide them, and who isn't afraid of stepping outside the box. She is inspired by nature and the world around her. "I am inspired by the way the light filters through the trees in the fall, by vintage cars and JD Salinger, by long tables and messy dinners with the people you love the most and a little too much wine, by truth and imperfections and Frida Kahlo. And by individuality."

Her advice to couples? "Think about how you want your day or weekend to feel, not necessarily how you want it to look. Understanding how you and your partner want to experience your day and how you want your guests to feel throughout the entire experience will help guide your planning and aesthetic decisions - allowing you to decide where you want to splurge and what you can skip out on."


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