Makeup Looks with Guest Blogger Bridget Sophie

Guest blogger and Melbourne-based HMUA Bridget Sophie discusses how to change your make-up look from traditional bride to anti-bride, in a few simple steps.

So perhaps you've planned the venue, the invitations, the dress (and the other million things) - and now, it's time to decide how you want your makeup. By the time this comes up you may be a little frazzled and unsure of even where to begin.

Luckily there's where someone like me comes in - a professional makeup artist who through photo inspiration from you, consultations and listening between the lines of what you're saying, can bring your perfect bridal look to life.

There are so many different makeup looks you can go for but here are 3 main ones to get you started on what you might like, and not like. I've created the 'bride' and 'anti-bride' look for each style, to get you inspired about your own wedding day.

1. 2019 is all about waves and bringing out your natural beauty. It's time to leave behind overly heavy make-up. In front of studio lights it looks great - out in the natural light, it's a different story. It's all about glow and accentuating your bone structure.

2. Like the natural look but want something more? Then pop on a colourful lipstick and rock the day away. If you're having a bright bouquet, chose one of your favourite colours and make that a feature in your makeup. And if you're opting for a neutral coloured dress, this will look equally fabulous.

3. One of my all time most loved looks. The classic wing liner and red lip. Honestly, it's very rare you can go wrong with this. There are so many red lipstick choices with orange to blue undertones, so have fun and see what works for you.

4. Want to add a little more drama? Widen that wing and fly off straight from your wedding to your honeymoon. Darken your lips with an ombré look to give dimension to your beautiful pout.

5. Dark smokey eyes (on the right eye shape) look wonderful for those late afternoon to evening weddings. They bring extra contrast to your look, and all eyes really will be on you for the night. If you already have a touch of black in your outfit, this is perfect.

6. Smokey eyes and red lips - yes I am a firm believer that if done well you can do both. And if you were going for a vintage look with a stunning silver dress, this would make jaws drop.

I've done hundreds of makeup looks and each one is as unique as the last. The most important thing to remember is to feel like yourself. If you're not a dramatic makeup person, don't start now. If you're not a fan of red lipstick and never wear it - it's ok. You don't have to on your wedding day. If I've made your day making you feel beautiful, then you've made mine.

Bridget Sophie is a professional makeup artist and hair stylist based in Melbourne, who has been nominated as Bridal Makeup Artist of the Year 2019 for the national ABIA awards.

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