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Laura Viera | Hannah

Laura Viera, is Laura Jiménez's signature bridal collection (Viera being Laura's maternal surname). Laura was born in Seville, into a family passionate about art, cinema, music and literature. After graduating from university her desire to travel led her to live and work in several European cities. It was in Barcelona, a city notorious for its design and style, where she developed her career as a textile buyer for one of the most important companies in the sector. During this phase in her career, she also trained as a designer of wedding dresses and ceremonial gowns. Right before launching Laura Viera, her final stage as a textile buyer brought her to live and work in Shanghai, an amazing experience that ended with her enthusiastic desire to return to Spain and develop her own signature wedding dresses.

Laura's collections strive to transmit all of her influences, experiences and passions, such as music and cinema of the 70s and 90s, travel and knowledge of other cultures and her love of fine art. Natural fabrics, romantic and contemporary details, are the basis of her style, and above all, the need to offer delicate and ultra feminine clothes for the big day

Laura Viera's new collection is called Hannah, and is inspired by the women who come to their studio. The designs are also made for the modern world - for intimate and small celebrations.

Laura's greatest inspiration for Hannah came the greatest inspiration came from her clients and how they imagined their wedding day. "All of them have something in common. For them, their wedding dress is a adapted and inspired by their usual clothing, but a more elevated design. They love simplicity and are inspired by their own style. They are timeless women with a lot of personality."

To make each piece, Laura modified patterns that she already used successfully before. And she used fabrics that are fundamental to her, as well as some new styles including the use of sheer fabrics, embroidery or more rigid textiles in order to get an “origami” effect. She also used romantic details such as mini ruffles or sleeves with a lot of volume, such as her previous collections - but with a twist.

Laura Viera is available online to Australian brides. We will keep you updated with any news of trunk shows!

Photography : @irene__pl

Styling: @benedetta.perazzo

Communication: @sdiazfuentes

Model: @mariape__ de @unomodels


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