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Laura Viera | Balat 2020

Balat means stone path in Arabian, and also the Silver Route, which is a path through the mountains, valleys and plains that unites the north and south of Spain. With this collection Laura Viera went back to her origins, the first dress she made five years ago, which was made with a vintage embroidered organza. Laura and her mother bought this fabric in an old shop in Sevilla a long time ago, which unfortunately no longer exists.

Further inspiration for this collection came different fabrics and craft adornments, such as metal laces and crepes, handmade knots, fringes and embroideries, all made in the South of her country, where these techniques are still used.

Like the Silver Route, the textures of each piece, reminded her of the earth, fields and stone.

The collected comprises of thirteen pieces including gowns, a pants set and separates and a kimono and is currently sold exclusively at her studio in Spain, with trunk show dates being announced soon.

Laura started her label in July 2018, but previously she was working for one of the world's largest fashion retailers Inditex for 9 years in Barcelona and Shanghai. While she was working she completed a postgraduate degree which specialised in bridal fashion design. This resulted in Laura becoming enamoured with bridal gowns, eventuating in the launch of her own label.

"I am not a bridal person, I mean, never thought about the wedding and this type of thing, that's why I prefer non-traditional designs. I have like two different views: The Romantic, which for means embroidery and adornment and The Minimal - this is the style I love, yet not understood in Spain."

MUA: M. Angeles Cabrera

Stylist: Teresa Serrano

Jewellery: Dsnú and Gabriela Mora

Shoes : Mint & Rose


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