Honeymoon Dreaming.

As anyone planning a wedding would know, booking the honeymoon is the icing on the cake (provided you experience the wedding planning side to be pleasant...) Whilst so many couples seem to be hell-bent on finding a beach and a deckchair, husband and I see things a little differently. Quite frankly the thought of lying in a resort somewhere and doing nothing all day gives us hives. And hives on your honeymoon are far from ideal.

We have therefore compiled a list of some of our favourite travel destinations, for couples that are looking for something a little bit different to an island holiday.

1. Gstaad, Switzerland

If you're planning of visiting over Christmas be prepared to rub shoulders with international celebrities and billionaires. However, outside of this peak period it's a beautiful spot to visit, ski and snowboard and oggle at wooden Chalets - without many crowds. Sure, I may just be a little biased but Switzerland is pretty spectacular.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

This city is on the top of my list for future travel destinations. This city is by the ocean, has great food (think Noma!) and is very bike friendly - making it the perfect summer destination. Add incredible design and the cultural importance of hygge to the mix and it's easy to see why this Nordic city is well worth a visit.

3. Berlin, Germany

I love everything about this city - the music, street art and general vibe of this place is incredible. It is also a city with a rich and confronting history - which definitely adds another dimension to a visit. The best time to visit is in summer, as it does get unpleasantly cold in winter. As far as European destinations go, Berlin is super affordable too - which gets an extra tick.

4. Cusco, Peru

Having travelled year about 10 years ago, I can't wait to go back. With stone cobbled streets and being at the foot of the breathtaking Machu Picchu, it is a very unique town. It is situated 3399m above sea level, so make sure to plan ahead to deal with the altitude. The people, culture and landscapes make Cusco (and it's surrounds) an incredible travel destination.

5. Queenstown, New Zealand

Being a little closer to home, this is a great spot in Winter and Summer alike. Offering a whole range of things to see and do, it definitely won't leave you feeling bored. If you're anything like my husband, you could even plan some heli skiing as the perfect honeymoon activity.... There are also some pretty spectacular restaurants and boutique hotels where you can unwind after.

6. Northern WA,Australia

Honestly if nature is your thing, WA is pretty spectacular. If you go at the right time of year you can see hundreds of baby sharks in a wild shark nursery, swim in protected bays full of fish and marine life and even see sea turtles lay eggs or hatch. It is also a place of extreme contrast with the harsh desert as a backdrop. Perhaps not your average honeymoon destination, but an absolute dream location for nature lovers.

7. Tokyo, Japan

Eat Michelin-star Ramen for under $10, visit Harajuku for some people watching, stay in a capsule hotel and eat in a themed restaurant. Tokyo definitely offers something different to an average honeymoon destination and combines both tradition and the modern, for an unforgettable experience.

8. Kenya, Africa

Kenya is the home of the Maasai Mara National Reserve, an area of preserved savannah wilderness which boasts animals including lions, cheetahs, elephants, zebras and hippos. Visit in May to October to get the best view of the incredible wildlife.

9. Buenos Aires. Argentina

Buenos Aires combines faded European grandeur with Latin passion. It is a city that is well-known for it's art, architecture, nightlife and tango. (And steak and wine!) It is a vibrant city, full of culture and experiences. And what better way to spend your honeymoon, than learning how to tango.

10. Vietnam

Head out into the Mekong Delta. Explore the highlands around Dalat. Check out Bong Lai Valley. With so many great spots in Vietnam you will find this a fantastic and affordable honeymoon option that can include adventure, culture and some R&R.