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Engagement | Rosie + Jonathan

Tell us a little about yourselves!

Well, what a journey it’s been. We’ve known each other for almost eleven years. We met in January 2012 when we were 18 and 21 and both in school at the University of Alabama. We were together for two years and then we broke up.

Jonathan started medical school and I finished college and bounced around different cities. We always stayed in touch and up to date on each other’s lives. Fast forward seven years and I was living in New York and Jonathan was in Birmingham. We reconnected and we’ve been together ever since!

We got engaged in April in New York. Now we live in Birmingham and we’ll be married February 4, 2023. Jonathan is my other half. And living proof that what’s meant to be will be! That is how we try to live our lives! We put love at the forefront of everything and belie that it will lead us to the right path.

Why did you decide to have your engagement shoot where you did?

The engagement shoot by Katie Gracen Photography took place on the street we live on! We got really lucky because it is a very picturesque street and it is also special to us. We didn’t want our engagement photos to feel too serious or staged. We wanted it to feel romantic but also fun and comfortable, It was perfect!

Any tips for couples planning a wedding?

Don’t make decisions based on anyone but you and your partner! Everyone has an opinion on a wedding and it can start to feel like you’re planning a party for other people, which you are paying for. The best thing we did was take a beat and think about what we really wanted, what would make us happy, and how we wanted to celebrate our love.

The day should feel like you! Things always go wrong and there’s always things you can’t control, so keep love at the center and remember it’s your day, not anyone else’s!

Photographer : Katie Gracen Photography @katiegracenphotography | Café : Bandit @banditbham | Bride's Blazer + Skirt : Zara @zara | Groom's Jeans + Shirt : Abercombie @abercrombie | Engagement Ring : Bride’s Grandmother’s, reset at Bromberg’s @brombergs | Bride's Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell @jeffreycampbell | Groom's Shoes : Nike Air Max @nike


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