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Bo + Luca | Temple 2020

In 2018 , Shannon Pittman released a diffusion brand, TEMPLE by Bo & Luca which gave rise to a sublime wedding gown collection which was imbued with the spirit and quality of Bo & Luca but at more accessible price points.

This year, she’s brought out her biggest and boldest Temple collection to date. "Through our ongoing market research,” she explains. “We stepped back and listened to the feedback for this TEMPLE Collection. We saw need for feminine, simple, structured and minimalist silhouettes in three key fabrications (Minimal, Lace and Beaded). But with global economies being in disarray, the modern-day bride is often bound by her strict budget and isn’t prepared to skimp on quality. Our response to this was to create a TEMPLE collection that was still bound by the Bo & Luca quality promise, but was more inclusive of brides financial means."

She adds, “Bo & Luca Gowns have always been, and always will be, made from 100% silk and be 100% hand-headed which doesn’t allow for much room on their accompanying price tags— couture comes at a price! However, creating a diffusion brand in TEMPLE meant more room for experimentation regarding fabrications and production methods used to reduce costs without necessarily reducing the quality- in essence we’re creating affordable luxury."

Staying true to this vision ultimately led to the new collection being distilled into TEMPLE: MINIMAL, LACE and BEADED. "Shannon’s vision is to create a world where the thought of becoming a Bo & Luca bride is not just a dream but a possibility. She elaborates, “ Every bride deserves to look and feel like the best version of herself on her wedding day. We believe that temple opens this door to the “every bride” and we are delighted to share it with the world.”

The gowns range up to $3500 with plenty of options in the under $2500 mark and are available in sizes AU6 - AU16. The gowns and separates appeal to brides who prefer to shop online and are in search for an affordable and modern bridal gown. The three new subdivisions of minimal, beaded and lace cater beautifully to the minimal or more romantic aesthetic.. See the full Temple Collection here.


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