Beyond The Nude Block Heel.

So you've got your wedding outfit sorted and can finally kick back an relax...or so you thought. Many brides find the final step of accessories more challenging than what they anticipated. With so much focus on the actual outfit, the smaller details can be overlooked, or perhaps even completely disregarded. Let's face it, for many anti-brides the whole wedding planning process gets old before it even begins, so worrying about shoes and earrings may not even be that important to you.

Here's the thing - accessories can actually potentially make or break an outfit, so it is worth putting a little bit of thought into them. If you're feeling a little stuck and think a nude block heel is your only option - read on. (Or get in touch, as we offer accessories styling as part of our styling services.)

Challenge 1 : Finding Bridal Heels That Aren't A Stiletto (But Aren't A Nude Block Heel).

If you feel more comfortable in a pair of sneakers in everyday life, it's understandable that your wedding is not the time to experiment with 12cm stiletto heels. And yes, throw in lawn, uneven ground and a long day, and it seems like a disaster to some. If you count yourself in this category, a standard nude block heel may seem like the easiest option. However, if you are wanting something else, here are a few ideas :

Challenge 2 : What Shoes Work Well With White?

Of course there is a good chance you won't be wearing white. However, if you are you may be wondering what goes best. Often brides revert to nude and white for bridal shoes, because bridal shoes seem to forever be associated with a neutral colour palette. Yes, nude blends in well. Nude is unobtrusive. White goes well too. But so do hot pink, red, blue, green, leopard, spots, sparkles, sequins, black - especially if you are having something oder than neutrals in your bridal bouquet/makeup/bridal party/general styling. Here are some great non-nude, non-white options :

Challenge 3 : Finding Flats That Aren't Sneakers.

Your partner may be taller than you or you simply hate wearing heels, but you also want something that to match the occasion. Just because you are wanting to wear flats, doesn't mean you are necessarily wanting to wear sneakers (although of course there's nothing wrong with that either!) Here are a few options that you would also love wearing again :

Challenge 4 : Finding Sneakers That Don't Come Up in A 'Bridal Sneaker' Search.

You may be wearing sneakers the entire day, or changing into them at some stage. While sneakers may seem the easiest to buy, it can be challenging to find something that works for the occasion, or hasn't been done a million times before. Here are a few of our favourites :

And lastly, don't shy away from purchasing a style that you will love wearing well beyond your wedding day.