Alterations | Your Questions Answered

Here are a few of the most asked questions when it comes to getting that fit just right.

1. Will my gown fit perfectly at pick-up?

Unless you have had your gown sewn on your body (i.e. had multiple fittings with a designer during the making of your gown), then no. Generally gowns that are made-to-order (ie made to order - usually in the closest standard size) will need at bare minimum a hem done. They may also need some minor additional tweaks - such as adjusting/shortening straps or some areas taken in, if you are in between sizes.

1. When do I start?

4-6 weeks out from your wedding is a good timeframe. Don't start alterations any further than 8 weeks out.

2. How long will it take?

Generally your appointment will be about 30min or sometimes 1 hour for the first fitting. Depending on what you need done you will have about 3 fittings total. (Remember, you may have more fittings than this, or possibly less.)

3. What does it cost?

Some seamstresses and tailors will have a set price, others will charge but the hour. If you are wanting minor alterations done, these may only cost about $300 or less, add a few extra things like a bustle etc and you may be looking at $500. If you need a lot done, this may cost $700 or more. Keep this in mind when you are budgeting for your outfit.

4. What do I wear?

Always bring the shoes that you will wear on the day. Your hem cannot be done without your shoes. Also make sure to wear the underwear you'll be wearing on the day, as well as accessories - so that you can double check that you are happy with how everything works together and can get the complete picture.

5. What if I lose weight/ gain weight?

Taking in a gown is always easier than letting it out. That is why it's important to order the dress in the size you are at the time. Not only does that allow you to focus on more important things, it also means less potential headaches down the track. If your gown needs to be let out, there is some allowance in the seams - however if this isn't sufficient, and extra fabric panel may need to be added. There is always a solution and your seamstress will be a great problem solver, if need be. However, if you anticipate that your outfit will need some extra work, make sure to get in touch with your seamstress or tailor about 8 weeks before your wedding - that will help minimise any extra stress.

6. How long does my hem need to be?

Make sure your hem just skims the ground with your shoes on. A seamstress will be able to show you the perfect length.

7. How do I get details for a good seamstress or tailor?

Make sure to ask where you purchased your outfit and speak to friends you may have who have recently gotten married. It may also be worthwhile to email reputable bridal shops in your area for recommendations.

8. Do I take anyone with me?

If you feel you need a support crew, take one trusted friend with you.

9. Any other tips?

If you have researched and have heard great feedback about your seamstress/tailor, make sure to trust the process. Like any great vendor working on your wedding they will have your best interest at heart and will want you to look and feel a million bucks.

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