How To Stop Being So Indecisive.

If the thought of deciding on an outfit or a table setting is filling you with dread to the point of indecision - take a deep breath and read on.

With the influx of pretty Pinterest images and Instagram-worthy expensive Italian destination weddings plastered all over the internet, its easy to feel continuously swayed. I mean after all, you want to get it right.

So what can you do, when it's all just getting a little much and you are like a deer in headlights about the prospect about making yet another wedding related decision?

1) Take a breather and sleep on it. It's actually okay to take a break from it all for a moment. The means also means stop looking at thousands of floral arrangements online.

2) Listen to your gut. It's perfectly ok to forget about all external influences and make decisions based on your own likes/dislikes and tastes.

3) Pay attention. If you have tried on 6 outfits, pay attention to what you are liking. Once you are clear about what is thats working, stop trying on things that are completely the opposite. In the same regard, pay attention to what styling you are loving - what textures/colours/style are you continuously drawn to? The more aware you are, the easier things become.

4) Get real. That means be realistic not only about your budget but about why you are wanting x, y, or z. Is it because you feel pressure or are wanting to keep up with the Jones', or is it genuinely of importance to you.

5) Don't ever go into debt for your wedding. Because, there is actually life after the wedding. And the last thing you want to be doing is paying off a huge debt that you created in an 8 hour event, when you could be spending that money building your life together.

6) Inject some personality. Are the choices you're making reflecting you and your partners personality? Yes, there are a million and five great things you may come across on Pinterest, but if you did the same thing would it feel authentic?

7) Put your options in order - i.e. rank them. If push came to shove would you feel disappointed if you ended up going with one choice over another?

8) Take the pressure off. Here's the thing - you want to make sure you are marrying the right person. As for the other decisions - there may be a number of different options you like. And that's ok. Stress less about getting it right or wrong and ask yourself - is there anything I would change about decision A? If not, then stop seeking something that is better/bigger/..... - or be very honest with yourself about why it is you are wanting something else.

9) Once you have made a decision, don't second guess it. If you haven't felt rushed and have spent a lot of brain power making the decision - stop second guessing it. Don't continue to search for more inspiration or try on more outfits. There is a reason you decided on what you did, so don't find reasons as to why it's not good enough.

10) Always come back to what marriage means to you. It's so easy to get swept away by it all and actually forget what the day is about. That rabbit hole has a strong pull. But honestly, sometimes less really is more.

11) Perspective. If you're in a position to be spending (tens/hundreds) thousands of dollars on a day, you're pretty lucky. Yes, wedding planning can be stressful and frustrating. But hey you've locked down a great human and are able to celebrate your love - so things could really be worse.

12) In reality, it only matters if it's important to you. I promise you, your guests will be freaking happy to celebrate and sit at any style table setting and will be enjoying a night out. Many won't even be able to remember what colour your serviettes were and will most likely have thrown your invites in the bin (gasp!). What they will remember is celebrating such an incredibly important moment in your life with you.


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