Finding Your Wedding Look.

For many brides locking in the outfit can be the most challenging aspect of wedding planning. Even the most relaxed brides can get a little nervous about getting it 'right'.

Having gone through the wedding process myself recently, I can completely empathise. I was pretty relaxed about most things in regards to our wedding, but definitely wanted to avoid screwing up the outfit part (ideally.)

Your wedding day is a reflection of that moment in time - your family, your friends, you and your partner. It really is a snapshot and a memory that you will have for the rest of your life. It doesn't mean that you wont at one stage cringe about your hair or what you wore - or that you won't decide you would have done things differently in hindsight. However, there is no point dwelling, because the decisions you made were who you were at the time. (Plus, let's face it there are always vow renewals!)

So the next time you are feeling overwhelmed by a million outfit decisions and the pressure to get it 'right', take a deep breath and take a break from the shopping process.

Then, when you are ready, focus on a few key points :

1) Which outfit feels most like you?

2) Do you feel incredible in it?

3) Are you happy with how it is? (I.e. you don't feel the need to change/alter any of the design - hem aside.)

4) Is it within budget?

Once you have locked the outfit in you can then worry about shoes, accessories, veils, jewellery, how you will wear you hair etc. These details don't need to be decided on until much closer to the wedding - although you will need your shoes for your alterations, which start about 4-6 weeks out.

If you are still feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, check out our Styling Services and get in touch.

Good luck! x

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