Changing Your Reception Look, Without a Second Outfit.

Sure, a second outfit is freaking fabulous but there is that thing called budget (and reality!). If you'd really love to mix things up a little but simply can't justify getting a completely second look (understandable), here are some affordable ideas that will still transform your look.

1. Buy separates.

Separates can be incredibly liberating or highly stressful - depending on your personality. However, what makes them so great is that you can easily replace a top or a bottom to completely change your look. Swap out the long skirt for a textured mini and dance the night away.

Image by Matt Godkin

2. Add a blazer or jacket.

This is a great option for autumn, winter or outdoor weddings and can drastically change your look for a relatively small amount of money (or no money if you choose a piece you already own.) Play with different textures and fabrics depending on the style you're after.

Image by Matt Godkin

3. Add some lipstick, some statement earrings and tie your hair back.

Small hair and makeup changes can make a big difference to your overall look and don't cost a thing. Changing your jewellery from something more minimal to a statement piece will also transform your look. (As will adding a textured jacket, as mentioned above.)

Image by Matt Godkin

4. Change your shoes.

Add some party heels or flats. Changing your shoes is especially effective if you have a dress with a split, are wearing pants or something short.

Image by Matt Godkin

5. Add a headpiece.

With many different options and brands available, the addition of a headpiece can be incredibly affordable - yet still make a lasting impact.

Image by Kimhekim

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