10 Things To Do The Week Before Your Wedding.

Here are a few practical things you may want add to your to-do list for the last few days before your wedding.

1. Try on your entire outfit.

It's important to have a little dress rehearsal before the day. Put on your shoes and jewellery also. This is particularly important if you are having a destination wedding. (Once you are done place everything in your suitcase or garment bag with your passport and wedding rings, so you don't forget anything!)

2. Break in your shoes.

Spare yourself from blisters and sore feet and put on your shoes at home for an hour or so every day before the wedding. If you are worried about marks, wear them on carpeted areas only.

3. Answer last minute emails from vendors.

Make sure everybody knows where they need to be and what time they need to be there. Your venue may also want to confirm numbers and catering etc.

4. Finalise Payments.

Many payments will be due about 7-14 days before the wedding. Make sure that you are on top of what needs to be paid so that you aren't having to worry about it closer to your wedding.

5. Ask a friend or family member to collect cards, gifts and flowers at the end of the night (and organise transport to get home or to hotel.)

This is something we completely forget about and we thankfully had our friends/neighbours to save us on the night.

6. Organise a box for cards/gift (include guest book and other pieces you need).

Another one we completely forgot about. We thankfully had a box from our florist for my bridal bouquet, so we used that!

7. Drop off other items at venue.

Drop off decorations/ box for cards at the venue. Usually this can be done the day of or day before, but check with your venue.

8. Pack an Emergency Kit.

Yes, I thought this was a ridiculous idea but I certainly wish I had this when I had a wardrobe malfunction 35 seconds before I was meant to leave for our ceremony. (Hence us now stocking the Frieda Need Emergency Kit- trust me, this is so worth having!)

9.Write your vows.

Yes, theoretically these should already be done. But in reality this may not be the case. Make sure to read them a few times (including out loud).

10. Get a mani/pedi.

This is great to do as close to your wedding day as possible.

(11. Relax and Breathe!)

Image by Matt Godkin


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