Yolancris | No Fear

Barcelona label Yolancris closed the third day of the Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2019 and presented their new 2020 collection, named No fear.

With strong inspiration from the 70s, the show was accompanied by music from artists such as Aretha Franklin and Tina Turner. Two screens behind the catwalk showed the brand's archive footage combined with videoclips, live gigs and films that inspired the creative director, Yolanda Pérez. Her inspiration came from moments of liberation, independence, spontaneity - showing footage from Woodstock, Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Queen.

The Yolancris 2020 Bridal collection No fear celebrates the concept of freedom. Freedom expressed through individuality, difference and exploration. The collection takes inspiration from the historical moments in which women have been able to feel free and have been able to show their femininity. The collection boasts thigh high splits, separates and texture with rock'n'roll flair.

Backstage photos : Collin Pierson