The unplanned plan.

I remember a few weeks ago my then future husband said: ' you know, there will be things that don't go to plan at the wedding.' I was sure he was wrong - I'm fairly organised and a perfectionist and figured that things would be absolutely fine - and in a sense I was right.

However, on our wedding weekend there were a few things that didn't go to plan, including a wardrobe malfunction that I couldn't fix (and I only realised this 5 minutes before walking down the aisle). Add to that the windy weather which meant we had to change our ceremony space last minute, the fact that I forgot one component of my outfit at home, a minor hiccup with two suppliers (both out of their control), red lipstick that ended up over both our faces, an unpredictable sound system - oh and rain on our party night!

Our beautiful vendors did absolutely everything to resolve the problems quickly and smoothly, so I didn't really even have time to worry about it. Aside from that we had a million things that did go right, so it was all fine.

Our ceremony was actually perfect, and hand on heart it was the most magical day of my life. Nobody, aside from me really knew that a few things didn't exactly go to plan and none of those things mattered the slightest. And really, I was pretty grateful for rain - especially after a muggy day in Sydney before our celebration with friends and family.

So, here is my advice to anyone about to get hitched :

1. Pick an amazing team.

2. Don't micromanage your team - trust that they will solve whatever unpredictable thing that may pop up. (They are used to problem solving and doing so quickly and professionally.)

3. Be nice. Everyone wants you to have the most amazing day of your life and will go out of their way to facilitate that for you.

4. Don't even check the weather forecast. What will be, will be - so just go with it.

5. If there is an essential (affordable) component to your outfit, make sure to buy two - hypothetically.

6. Make sure to put all of your outfit on and then place it in your suitcase, in case you're eloping and end up forgetting something (also hypothetically.)

7. LET THINGS GO. Life is unpredictable and real. And that's ok. Aside from that most people at your wedding won't even know if things aren't exactly to plan!

8. Give face wipes and foundation to your celebrant before the ceremony when wearing fire engine red lipstick. (Thanks for the tip Merren!)

Shelly x

Polaroid by our Photographer : Matt Godkin taken at MONA Hobart

Flowers : The Romantics, Hobart / Makeup: Sophia Pafitis / Hair : Katie McIntosh

Veil : Dove Grey Bridal. With thanks to Merren Wilkinson, Pat Colozzi, Tom Fowkes, Shelley and Foss, Biophilia Blooms, Mr.Goaty Gelato, 1908 and Hayley from Nourish Me Beautiful, who even dropped us to our party in the rain x

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