Tulle Skirts and Plastic Cake.

There's something about weddings (and funerals) that brings out the crazy in EVERYONE. Wiser words have never been spoken by future husband.

As we are counting down the days to our own wedding there have certainly been moments where I have felt like I am on a different planet (you know, the calm non-bridezilla one). Sadly, I still haven't unleashed my crazy yet - but there have absolutely been some moments in recent weeks, where I felt like I probably could have lost my cool.

I chatted to a good friend a few days ago about my recent questionable experiences. She is one of the most grounded humans I know and she reassured me that it took her a solid year to recover from her own wedding. I kid you not - one year.

After that I was freaking happy that we are essentially running away to get married and are having a non-traditional celebration. High fives to me (and the husband of course).

So if you're in the same boat and are questioning what the hell is happening, as the final countdown to your wedding is on - rest assured you are not alone. Apparently after your first anniversary is up, you forget about all the insanity and only remember the highlights reel.

Shelly x

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