What doesn’t kill you.

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Traveling with your partner certainly can be an interesting experience. In fact, I am fairly certain that it should be a pre-requisite of marriage to have traveled with your partner around the world ( at least 3 times ) before walking down the aisle.

A few days ago, both future husband and I were disowning each other. It was a valid circumstance given we were sitting somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in gale force winds, without hot water and an ounce of patience (mainly on my part ). You see, future husband and I are essentially from two different worlds. Whilst I have dragged him to my homeland of Switzerland to snowboard in the Alps twice ( tough gig, I know ) it was finally my turn to discover the ‘real’ Australia - you know, the one with sharks, snakes, red dust and no hot water. Evidently it was vital that this happened about 5 minutes before our wedding.

So here we were, in the harshest environment I had ever been, questioning WTF I was doing in the middle of nowhere and fighting tears whilst at least mentally screaming obscenities at my darling other half. I was so far out of my comfort zone and seriously questioning why on earth future husband thought it would be a great idea to book us into a two week holiday in Hell.

That experience lasted three very long days. The second we hot-footed out of camp Satan, I felt more in love than ever. Ah, yes, one does need to experience the darkness to appreciate running water and a four star hotel.

After some recuperating we are back at another caravan park. I am blown away by the amenities, we have a shade tree - (get out of town), as well as hot water and mobile reception. No joke, I am actually genuinely very appreciative of these things. This ‘real’ Aussie camping experience definitely wouldn’t have been my choice of holiday. But you know what, I am grateful to have been brought outside of my comfort zone and I am so thankful to be with a human that makes me grow. At least for the night, until we go back to a hotel.


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