Wedding Trends.

When I see an article about wedding trends I feel a mix of curiosity and dread. The problem with any trend is that while they may seem like a great idea right now, there is a high probability in ten years time you will wonder just wtf you were thinking.

Of course I am not immune - fashion comes in waves. Whilst I definitely have a stronger barrier against succumbing to every trend like I did when I was 16, I have been known to love the old scrunchie (again) in 2018. Will I look back on that even in 3 months time and shudder? Yes, the answer is absolutely, 100 percent YES.

So this brings me to my favourite topic of weddings. This may perhaps sound either very grinch like (or perhaps just very anti-bride) but I am quite cautious about following any particular trend that is all the rage at the moment. Of course I will no doubt still look back at some things in future and have that dreaded wtf moment. However, I can safely say there will be no boho dress, rustic decor and not even a wedding sign at our wedding (sorry to any of our friends or family who were banking on this. )

I think the bottom line whilst navigating all things wedding, is continue to ask yourself - is this really me? And if it is, wholeheartedly go for it and own it (scrunchie optional.)


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