Monday musings.

Now, I don't know if this is just something between future husband and I but, do you ever feel that you have days where you are more in love with your partner than the other way around? Example : I was having a shower the other night and my romantic (almost) hubby walked in and goes : "Baby, I just wanted to say that I feel so in love with you today." Meanwhile I was probably thinking about having to pay my phone bill. So my reply was: Aw, you're a keeper. (Now please get out, so I can shower in peace).

Before you start thinking that I am not utterly besotted with future husband, I can guarantee you that before that evening, I outdid him on the intensity at least three times. (I counted.) It's actually a bit of a running joke with us, because we rarely are on the same channel with the love declarations. It's like, nah sorry - I definitely love you but I'm absolutely not at that level right now.

So this got me thinking about our wedding. Will this be THE time in our life that we are both on par? Will the ceremony really just be us both ugly crying like crazy and saying things like : I love you, NO I love YOU more?

I'll make sure to give you an update after the event.


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