Hard truths.

I know everything in the bridal world is built around perfection. The perfect husband, dress, cake, venue, weather, name card, cake topper - you name it, the wedding day has to be PERFECT.

Of course based on these myths of perfection there is an insane amount of expectation placed on the perfect dress. Now trust me when I say you are an absolute minx and your groom or bride will think you are the hottest thing since sliced bread on your wedding day...

...but there is a pretty good chance you may not be a fit model and have the EXACT measurements of that gown you bought at a bridal shop/online/boutique.

I know this may come as a shock, but unless the dress/jumpsuit/outfit was physically sewn onto your body (and you paid couture dollars) it probably won't sit perfectly - unless you are one of those very rare fit-model type specimens, in which case you can stop reading.

So what is my piece of advice?

1. Be realistic. Perfection doesn't exist. Not in life, not ever - not even at weddings (shocking I know.)

2. Factor in a budget for alterations. Most gowns come in a standard length. The standard length is often too long for your average non-Amazonian woman. Also, many people are split sizes (i.e. one size up top, another below) and not all designers cater to this. Therefore it's very likely that your dress will need to be altered in some shape or form.

3. Even with alterations your gown won't be a couture gown (yes, also shocking). Once you start moving things around too much, it may slightly change the shape somewhere else. This doesn't mean your dress is ruined, that you won't still look amazing or that you won't still be a minx.

3. Give everything ample time to go to alterations and be nice. Everyone is working towards the same goal of making you happy.

4. Take a step back and breathe. I promise you, it will all be ok.


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