People are people.

I moved around a lot as a child and by the time I was 14 had lived in three different continents. I am very grateful for the experiences I had and learnt at a very young age that regardless of race, religion, gender or sexuality we pretty much are all the same. We also have the same need for love and acceptance.

I have a very distinct memory of a day shortly after my arrival in Australia. I was sitting in the school yard and a girl from my year looked me straight up and down and said : ' Why don't you go back to where you came from.' I still remember that feeling in the pit of my stomach very clearly and it is not something I wish to ever experience again.

Everyone has the right to be accepted and it has saddened me in recent days that many members of the lgbtqia community have felt discriminated and betrayed within the wedding industry.

Whilst I hope that it is clear from the content I share, I do wish to emphasise that being an Anti-Bride has nothing to do with sexuality, gender, race, religion or colour. Let's continue to celebrate all love and couples who do things uniquely their way.


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