Gritty Pretty.

In an industry where it can feel like there is a very restrictive aesthetic, it was my vision was to create a shoot that showed bridal fashion in a rebellious yet elegant light. With an incredibly talented team of creatives on board, some modern and edgy Chosen By One Day, One Day Bridal and And For Love gowns, our stunning model Jess (from the Bonds ad no less!) and some chiseled boys, we showed that beauty can exist outside of the box. Through the contrast of the grittiness of the dirt bikes against the modern, feminine gowns we hopefully created some Anti-Bride inspiration.

Photographer - Matt Godkin

Film - Patrick Colozzi

MUA - Tannia Tiropanis with assistance from Laura Kimber

Models - Jess Purchase / Precision Models, Nic, Jackson and Ben

Flowers - Biophilia Blooms

Gowns - One Day Bridal, Chosen by One Day and And for Love

Dirt Bike pants + Tops/ Jackson's boots - MCAS Taren Point

Assistant (with Dirt Bikes) - George

Concept, Planning and Styling - Shelly/ The Anti-Bride

Location - Sydney, Australia

Special thanks to Vicky.


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