Bucks vs. Hens

Last night I got into a discussion with future husband re: his bucks night. It was probably not the sort of discussion you would imagine either.

Whilst I have absolutely no desire to have a hens party and strongly steer away from anything with a phallic shaped straws, fireman strippers and diamonté tiaras, Ben’s friends would be in a world of pain if they couldn’t throw a bucks party for him. Either way, last night the boys were trying to lock a date in with impressive planning skills. Ben mentioned his invites list and this is where I realised - in case I hadn’t realised this already - men and women have a very different social etiquette.

As Ben compiled his list of invitees and read them out to me, in case he had forgotten someone, I couldn’t help but notice that there were quite a few names on there that I know won’t be invited to our post-elopement party/reception of sorts.

This is where the discussion began. Surely you can’t invite someone to your bucks or hens if you know that they aren’t coming to your wedding! Can you imagine doing this at a hen’s do when all the wedding chat comes up? Freaking awkward.

Either way men are from Mars etc. etc. and quite frankly from my understanding at an Australian bucks, there is absolutely NO wedding chat and really the main idea is just seeing who can get the most wasted within the given timeframe (with optional tacky extras). Completely irrelevant whether the boys are on the invite list or not. Bloody simple.

(Also, Ando if you are reading this - given that you are the most sensible one of Ben’s friends - I nominate you to make sure that everyone stays alive. Thanks in advance.)


*Also, for the record I don't endorse binge/excessive drinking and am more the type that gets drunk off sniffing alcohol.


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