Uncool Bride.

Recently I was asked if I felt a lot of pressure to have a 'cool' wedding. My immediate response was, 'no, not really', but it is definitely something I reflected more on and a topic I felt compelled to touch on.

One thing that I feel is really important to the ethos of The Anti-Bride, is that the focus isn't on being 'cool' or 'different.' What I wish to inspire is authenticity to oneself. That is also what I come back to in planning my own wedding. My desire is definitely NOT to be cool and to impress anyone. Quite frankly the only person I hope to impress (if that's even the right word!) is Ben. In all my planning, he is my number 1. And of course both of us as a couple. I always think back to the question - does this feel like us? Does this feel like me?

In no part of my planning am I thinking if I will appear cool and I certainly won't be doing/wearing anything that doesn't feel like me. To anyone that knows me they will know that I am genuinely anti-bride, remarkably uncool and pretty focused on just doing my own thing. And rest assured, our wedding will be no different.


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