This too shall pass.

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to fly away for a weekend to meet our beautiful celebrant and visit the place we are getting married at. We had such an incredibly happy weekend away and it really cemented this whole 'we are getting married' situation.

After a great chat with our celebrant, she handed us a pamphlet about relationships and a couple of paragraphs that were written by a local relationship counsellor.

As someone who is 99 percent realist and 1 percent romantic (and that's probably stretching the romance), I actually really enjoyed reading those very grounding words.

The thing is, relationships aren't always rainbows, sunshine and butterflies. And there will be arguments and tough times in any relationship and marriage. I hate to sound like a grinch, but I feel thats so damn important to say. When you scroll through Instagram and are immersed in the wedding world everything is pretty damn rosy. But even when simply planning a wedding there will probably be times when you want to un-lovingly strangle each other - multiple times.

And that's ok. It's actually healthy to argue and be passionate about things that you value. But there is an art to war - which hopefully I will touch on at a later stage.

What is important to remember though, is that relationships will change, you will change, life will change and you will constantly need to change your relationship along with it. It's a massive commitment to get married, but how lucky are we to have found that person we are willing to commit to.



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