The dreaded B word.

When we got engaged I told myself I wouldn't be that person that gets sucked into overspending. And to be fair, I think I have my head fairly well screwed on in terms of our wedding budget (outfit aside). Having said that, it is still really easy to get swept up in the wedding frenzy. Whilst being an anti-bride has absolutely nothing to do with budget I do think anti-brides and anti-grooms perhaps have a fairly common-sense attitude towards weddings.

Here is something that I learnt whilst navigating the wedding spending world:

Prioritise! For us, the key things are outfits (actually that one is all me), the post-elopement party and the honeymoon. This means that we don't care much for the extra 'frou frou' items. For example, as we are getting married and having our party in very architectural spaces, the decor will be minimalistic. I made our own invites, we are not having a bridal party. No cake. We are not printing signs and place cards as we are not having a seating arrangement. We are not doing favours nor are we having a wedding car. This is by no means saying that we will be having a budget wedding. However, it really does help to ask yourself whats important to you, rather than getting sucked into what you feel is the done thing.

But remember - there's a fairly good chance that you will spend more than you initially planned for. Make sure to factor in some contingency (future husband's favourite word.) And also, just roll with it and continue to convince yourself that you can always sell that expensive wedding dress after...



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