I got it from my mama.

All lies. I got it from my grandma actually (paternal side).

Shoes. Damn I love shoes. I don't discriminate either - sneakers, heels, slides - I love them all.

Bridal shoes, well that's a whole other story. As I have been madly trying to figure out design details prior to my first dress fitting, I have also not been able to get past thinking about shoes. Because obviously over 10 months out from our elopement I need to buy shoes. Possibly a range of shoes in case I also have a second (yet unknown) outfit for the post elopement party. A girl needs options, and storage - so Ben keeps reminding me.

Anyway, back to the point. Bridal shoes...is it just me or do you automatically try to exclude bridal shoes from your web search? This afternoon I was scrolling through numerous websites and I actually made sure that damn "wedding" box was unticked. I know this may come as a shock but I have zero interest in buying a sensible white heel. Zero.

So these are my Anti-Bride friendly thoughts on buying wedding shoes:

1) It's ok to not wear a sensible white heel, if you don't want to.

2) Colour, prints, stilettos, mules, boots, sneakers : There are a range of options out there. Some of the best bridal outfits I have seen have included a non-sensible, non-white shoe.

3) Perhaps don't buy shoes before you know exactly what you are wearing to your wedding. But if there's a sale and a shoe maybe don't worry about that rule.



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