The love and pain of creativity.

Whoever thought that working full-time, planning their wedding, starting a business, planning a shoot and training for a half-marathon at the same time was a great idea, has rocks in their head. Big, massive rocks.

But here I was last weekend minutes before a shoot I organised : slightly rattled, nervous and most likely well in over my head. The thing about creativity is that it just makes me happy to my core. Even though life is busy I really do love all things Anti-Bride and I was damn lucky to have an incredibly talented, yet humble team that day (including a freaking supportive future husband ).

Immediately after the shoot I felt damn elated and so positive about seeing something I imagined in my head come to life. I felt it was important to do this shoot in order to introduce myself and The Anti-Bride. I put a lot of myself into this shoot - both in terms of concept and styling and everyone involved did it justice beyond anything I imagined. (Non-emotional me nearly got a bit emotional. Nearly.)

About 35.7 seconds later the self-critique set in and I continued to dissect every minute detail that I could and should have done better or differently. Nothing like a quick bout of self-induced anxiety to bring you back to earth. What if I royally screwed up everything? Hyperventilation. The joyous circle of the creative process in full swing.

Styling-anxiety aside, I am actually really looking forward to sharing the brilliance that Matt and Patrick have produced. Matt has shown me the final shots and what a killer team we had. The shots are breathtaking (even from an objective view point.) Unfortunately I need to keep the shots under wraps for a little while longer. However, please make sure to check the "Styled Shoot and Collaborations" section for all details of the team that were involved. (And big thanks to Matt, Evy, Patrick, Sir , Ryan and Ben - as well as Katie, Lily & Nikki, Kay, Anya ,Teigan & Mel.)

And for anyone game enough to have me along to their next shoot , get in touch.



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