Wedding themes.

Now let me just start by saying that there are two types of people in this world: dress up party people and non-dress up party people. Needless to say I am the latter.

Similarly I feel there are lovers and haters when it comes to wedding themes. I recently saw the most amazing photographs of a themed wedding near Melbourne, where I could with 100 percent certainty say that the couple were truely being authentic to themselves. The theme just worked and I feel that they they went with something they loved, rather than choosing a theme for the sake of having one.

Sadly, I have come across countless articles and blogs urging brides and grooms to pick a theme to their wedding. For me personally I couldn't think of anything worse (much like a dress up party). I honestly would not be able to choose a theme if I tried, because it's just not me (or Ben for that matter.) So when I come across articles that suggest you should have a wedding theme I do cringe a little (a. lot.)

So I guess my obvious message is - just do what works for you and your partner. I don't understand why your wedding day (of all days) should be the day where you feel forced into something you're not.

That is all.



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