Wedding planning, the ultimate relationship test.

Every time I mention the dreaded word "wedding planning" my fiancé magically is either very busy or has an instant case of selective hearing.

Wedding planning is stressful stuff. Anyone who will tell you otherwise is absolutely full of BS. Trust me, my partner is pretty easy-going and happy to go along with pretty much all of my crazy ideas - and still I have fought the urge to strangle him on at least a dozen occasions, and vice-versa no doubt! ( Love you babe, if you're reading this. )

What we discovered is that even if you think you have nailed the perfect venue that you will most likely getting about 25 opinions stating otherwise. I got some good advice though from dad who said - you just have to do something that's right for you both.

So, with that in mind we have decided to do an elopement of sorts. We are getting married interstate on our own. In my opinion we are getting married at an unbelievably unique venue that is just so "me". I am really lucky that my partner is as chilled as he is and is happy to sign up to a location that I love. Then part II of the wedding will be a party in a beautiful, architectural venue just around the corner, that we both love. We are going to keep things laid-back and invite around 90 guests. The owner is completely flexible and is happy to structure the evening any way we want it. We felt such a sense of relief when we found it non-romantic old me even got a little emotional after we locked it in.

All up our wedding really wont be very 'weddingy' at all, and I can't say that we are unhappy about that. We are doing things our way: no bridal party, no cake, no pre-planned speeches, no MC, no wedding signs or menus, no elaborate flowers or decorations. ( We will have a anti-bride chapel and an anti-bride church - but more to that later!) With an amazing elopement and a laid back yet sophisticate post-elopement party we are set.

After all, why not do things our way?



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